Custom Django Project Template

Posted by Dan on Sunday the 13th of July, 2014

I have created a base Django project template to enable rapidly starting Django projects, it uses some basic features that I use frequently.

This base template includes:

  • Fabric deployment scripts
  • Bootstrap static files with less.js
  • Base templates
  • Nginx, Gunicorn and Supervisor templates for deployment
  • Multiple settings per environment


To create a project with this template:

Make a virtual environment activate it and install Django.

Start the project

1 startproject --template= myproject 



Loyalty Rewards Point System for Satchmo

Posted by Dan on Friday the 9th of December, 2011

I have created a module for Satchmo (an ecommerce system for Django) that deals with customer reward points. Customers can receive rewards for signing up and for purchasing products and are able to redeem their reward points when buying products.

You can view and download the source code from Github.


  • Set sign-up points value.
  • Set percentage of points a customer will get from an order.
  • Set money value of points.
  • Allow for partial points payment on an order.
  • Customer points transaction history.

Install & Setup

  1. pip install -e git+git://
  2. Add reward to your INSTALLED_APPS setting.
  3. Activate and change the available options in admin > edit site settings

Korean quick address lookup using Django and jQuery

Posted by Dan on Friday the 7th of October, 2011

I was making an eCommerce site using Django for a Korean company, being as this company ships products to customers parts of the site need users to enter their address. Typically Korean sites will have a popup window where you then need to type in part of the address and then press a search button and then click on the address you want to select. I wanted to make a simple app using Django that is slick and fast for the user to select their address.

You can download the Korean Address Lookup app from Github and you can view a demo of it online.

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