My Background, experience and skills


Originally born in the UK, for the last decade I have been a digital nomad living and working in several countries throughout Asia and Europe. Working in different capacities I have a great deal of experience on many projects in the fields of Real Estate, Ecommerce, Medical and others.

I've been working as a Full-stack Developer, Frontend Developer and Product Manager. Some of the things I work on are creating MVPs, building full projects from scratch or expanding and adding features to existing products. See some of the recent projects I've worked on in my portfolio. Contact me to get in touch if you have any interesting projects you want me to work on.


Full-Stack Developer

  • Design and Launch Apps
  • Setup Infastructure
  • Deployment
  • Create APIs

Front-End Developer

  • UX / UI Design
  • Low-Fi + Hi-Fi Mockups
  • Javascript + HTML + CSS
  • Responsive Design

Product Manager

  • Information Architecture
  • Product Planning + Roadmap
  • Techincal Requirements
  • Manage Teams / Stakeholders


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